Is It Safe To Use Mineral Oil To Induce Labor? 9 Other Ways

When it comes to inducing labor naturally, mineral oil has gained attention as a potential method.

Many expecting mothers in weeks of pregnancy are concerned about whether this ingredient takes action on the labor process properly and safely.

This article shows detailed guidance on using mineral oil to induce labor. If you desire to discover more natural methods for labor induction, do not hesitate to scroll down to the end!

Reasons for Inducing Labor

mineral oil to induce labor

There are several valid reasons why a healthcare provider may recommend or pregnant women may think of jump-start labor.

If the entire pregnancy continues beyond 42 weeks, fetal distress or stillbirth risks may increase, which can be mitigated by natural labor induction.

Labor induction is also assigned to those facing certain health conditions, such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and high blood pressure, preventing further complications for both the mother and the baby.

Unfortunately, if the fetus is determined to have intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), mothers are required to use an inducing solution to ensure the baby’s well-being.

So does mineral oil induce labor? The answer is right below!

Can You Use Mineral Oil To Induce Labor?

Yes, mineral oil is one of the popular ways to provoke the body’s response in post-term pregnancy.

As the irritant trait interacts with the bowels, it can extend its influence to the neighboring uterus, leading to abdominal cramping.

Besides, it can trigger uterine contractions, especially in the case of a full-term fetus and softened cervix.

It is safe because of being derived from the distillation of petroleum, serving as a gentle lubricant and laxative in pregnancy applications.

Besides consuming mineral oil for labor, the expecting mother can consume castor oil or prune juice, which also shows fairly similar effects.

How To Use Mineral Oil To Induce Labor

castor oil vs mineral oil for labor

The last trimester of pregnancy is more important than ever, as the baby will say hi to the world.

Therefore, even though mineral oil is rated as applicable, you had better inspect the instructions for proper use.

Take Mineral Oil in the Morning

Can mineral oil induce labor? Yes, but you have to tread with caution.

The optimal usage of this laxative is two ounces of mineral oil in the morning, right after enjoying a restful night’s sleep.

This way, the pregnant woman is less prone to exhaustion, even if the delivery occurs later in the evening.

Dosage also depends on the body of the mother and the fetus.

Consulting with your healthcare provider as they can provide personalized guidance. If they approve, you can typically find mineral oil in pharmacies. 

Follow the recommended daily dose printed on the packaging or as instructed.

Expect Results in Six Hours

In many mineral oil labor stories, this ingredient typically takes six hours after ingestion for its inducing effects.

Therefore, it is unlikely to transpire if labor fails to commence within this timeframe.

When uterine contractions initiate, please observe the consistency and the intensity before heading to the hospital.

By this time, the potency of mineral oil diminishes, corresponding to less severe contractions.

Every pregnancy and the body’s response to this oral laxative are separate. You are advised to monitor any changes in your body and reach out to an expert when needed.


Unexpected cases can result in the burst of the water bag. The baby is susceptible to infection if it occurs while the fecal matter is passed out dramatically.

Mineral oil consumption can hinder the absorption of other nutrients or vitamins (B, A, D, E, etc.). Therefore, prolonged usage can lead to nutritional deficiencies in the pregnant body.

When using mineral oil, I have experienced a bit of diarrhea and dehydration due to its stimulant nature. But you might even face severe diarrhea.

You should add more juices, herbal teas, sports drinks, or supplement capsules than usual.


In conclusion, no matter what natural inducing methods you consider and apply, please prepare a comprehensive knowledge and approach them cautiously.

Whether they are efficient or not depends on the particular pregnant woman’s body status and varies from person to person.

Additionally, using mineral oil to induce labor, as mentioned earlier, should be done under proper medical supervision.

For optimal safety, consult a healthcare professional for guidance and support during your usage. Or else, turn to any other safe methods to initiate labor.

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