Is Liquid IV Safe For Pregnancy? Must-Read For Moms-To-Be

Is liquid IV safe for pregnancy? This is a common concern for expectant women as vomiting and diarrhea may lead to severe dehydration within the first trimester.

As a result, a series of bad consequences may occur including preterm birth, urinary tract infection or babies’ brain disorders.

Hence, absorption of water is extremely necessary for pregnant women. And the liquid I.V hydration multiplier appears to be the best solution.

However, some people still wonder about its safety.

This article will carry you to explore all-around things related to liquid I.V. Eventually, you can realize the suitable response. So no hesitate to jump right in!

Is Liquid IV Safe For Pregnancy?

Is Liquid IV Safe For Pregnancy

Is liquid IV okay for pregnancy? We ensure that Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier is completely safe for pregnancy.

Besides fluid and key electrolytes for hydration, pregnant mothers can gain the essential nutrients and blend of vitamins to support the immune system.

But this hydration treatment also requires a proper ratio for the proficient outcomes.

Throughout the pregnancy period, expectant women are prone to dehydration, way more serious than ordinary people.

And the reasons regarding loss of water vary beyond your expectation.

As usual, the risk of dehydration arises from morning sickness and vomiting. Besides, increasing body temperature also triggers constant sweating.

As a result, you will lose a high amount of water intake.

Nevertheless, plain water absorption will not solve that problem effectively. As the nauseous make pregnant mothers feel unpalatable to drink water.

For that reason, the liquid IV for pregnancy appears to be the most optimized offer.

This replacement therapy provides a wide range of incredible losing components.

Statistics show that the total ratio of glucose, essential vitamins, and other rehydrating nutrients is equivalent to 2-3 bottles of basic water.

It is necessary to keep checking the daily liquid intake to avoid the high-risk dehydration-related issues and ease some postpartum conditions like foot pain after pregnancy.

Which Quality Ingredients Does Liquid IV Mainly Contain?

Liquid I.V hydration safe for pregnancy originates from an advanced cellular transport technology (CTT), which allows extra boost to flow directly in the bloodstream.

This hydration multiplier serves as a sports drink without any nasty components. Therefore, both pregnant mothers and motive players can get rapid absorption of key ingredients for immune support.

In particular, the ingredient list of liquid IV will amaze you with a bunch of premium compounds including vitamin C, Zinc, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and B12, glucose, sodium, potassium and especially ground ginger – natural flavors.

By then, the liquid IV hydration multiplier will use the amazing CTT to deliver those key nutrients and minerals conveniently into the bloodstream.

Thus, pregnant women will take less effort to replenish proper hydration.

This way, liquid IV will replace 2 or 3 glasses of water to increase your immune support every day.

In addition, regular exercise like back strengthening for pregnancy also contributes to improving the metabolism.

After this part, we believe that you have eliminated any previous doubts regarding is it safe to drink liquid iv while pregnant entirely.

Does Liquid IV Help With Breastfeeding?

This type of hydration multiplier also brings wonderful benefits to breastfeeding mothers. Based on these following reasons, you can feel free to enjoy liquid IV:

  • The first effect worth mentioning would be breast milk. Drinking water will decide the supply of breast milk. In other words, more water intake will result in abundant quality milk for your babies.
  • Second, liquid IV keeps post-pregnant women hydrated. As you know, 90% of breast milk is water. Once you feed your baby, a large amount of inside fluid releases along, and thus chronic dehydration takes place accordingly. To stay hydrated, additional electrolyte drinks are highly compulsory.
  • Third, it alleviates common symptoms after giving birth like headaches, exhaustion, or even worse cases like urinary tract infections and constipation.
  • Another crucial influence is to improve the immune support. Liquid IV makes up for the lack of electrolytes to balance the water amount in your body, thereby minimizing the issue of influenza.

All of the above perks may conclude that liquid IV does assist the breastfeeding period effectively.

It boosts the hydration levels to support both mother health and babies’s feeding milk.

Regularly, nursing women require around 16 or 17 cups of normal water every day to reach an average level of hydration.

If you desire a better treatment, let’s choose the option of liquid IV.

This replacement performs more effectively by enhancing the breast milk quality and also supports mothers’ digestive system.

More importantly, it maintains your electrolytes intake and distributes vital nutrients to strengthen the build-up.

How Many Liquid IVs Can You Drink In A Day?

According to health care professionals, one packet every day is the best offer to pregnant women’s bodies.

In a liquid IV hydration multiplier, pregnant mothers can absorb 560% of the daily value of vitamin C, 280% of the daily value of vitamin B12, 130% of the daily value of vitamin B6 and 90% of the daily value of Zinc.

This great-tasting non-GMO electrolyte drink mix stems from the patented technology named Wellmune, which contains naturally derived compounds like beta-glucan.

All of them combined to deliver expectant women a wonderful immune support.

Although providing a sufficient ratio of electrolytes to compensate for dehydration during pregnancy is very essential, you need to avoid overconsumption, as it is quite dangerous.

In addition to health benefits, one stick pack of liquid IV energy multiplier also contains 100 mg of caffeine, equivalent to 8 oz of coffee.

Imagine how harmful your body has to suffer if you over consume that amount of caffeine relentlessly. It may end up quite terrible, so note this point for a properly realistic application.

During the usage time, observe whether there are any strange reactions of your bodies. Take a medical meeting right away if undesirable cases happen.


Are There Any Potential Side Effects Of Absorbing Liquid IV?

Aside from desired outcomes, some severe symptoms are likely to happen when applying the electrolyte replacement solution.

Turn to your health care professional for advice instantly if you have one of these bad signs of dehydration: high-blood pressure, swelling of feet and legs, dizziness, and some other bad effects.

Other times, some effects are not medical concerns. At the first stage of usage, some light reactions are normal.

Once your body adapts to the therapy, those mild symptoms of dehydration will disappear.

Can I Drink Electrolyte Water During Pregnancy?

As we mentioned earlier, drinking electrolytes does wonders to the pregnancy stage. You usually feel dehydrated during gestation, but plain water never meets the needs.

Your inner body desires a balanced amount of sodium and glucose. In other words, oral rehydration solution (ORS) enters the scene to ease that issue.

Electrolyte water seems like the most effective drink to fight off dehydration.

Other than high levels of sugar in juice or sport beverages, this balanced drink provides enough primary electrolytes and necessary components for the pregnant rehydration process.

Does Liquid I.V Differ From A Sports Drink?

Liquid IV hydration multiplier does differ from its counterpart in several aspects.

This type of balanced electrolyte drink serves mainly for reverse dehydration, while sports drinks will help to restore the boost of energy for sporting players.

Moreover, liquid I.V contains a large amount of electrolyte, whereas its counterpart does not.

On the contrary, artificial flavors, energy-enhancing additives and a high ratio of sugar are the key components of sports drinks.

Athletes or motive players will prefer to consume this kind of liquid in the break time during matches.

Final Thought

Which Quality Ingredients Does Liquid IV Mainly Contain?

Is liquid IV safe for pregnancy? All previous wondering now disappears completely after learning this article.

Human body can gain many hydration benefits through consumption of liquid i.v energy multiplier, especially during the pregnancy stage.

One more point to notice is the quantity intake.

One stick per day is the brilliant solution to allow pregnant mothers to keep hydrated and be healthy throughout the hard time of carrying a baby.

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