Is A Toothache Worse Than Labor Pains? Find Out The Truth

To many pregnant women, childbirth renders the most extreme pain, which is a nightmare when flashing back to that severe pain threshold, yet many disagree and state that there are more horrible pains than labor.

So is a toothache worse than labor pains?

The answer will be solved in this article. Except for bad tooth pain, I also introduce other hurts that are a real disturbance. Keep scrolling down for further information!

Is A Toothache Worse Than Labor Pains?

is a toothache worse than labor pains

Is tooth pain worse than giving birth? Yes, especially for wisdom tooth pain.

The acute pain rendered by dental procedures is really devastating, which lies in several techniques entailed in a root canal.

First, your dentist uses a specialized tool to check overall teeth conditions. This step does not induce much hurt, but you should prepare for the upcoming nightmare.

Then, he will use some drugs to relieve the pain and start the root canal.

A hole is drilled in the tooth, which helps him remove the underneath nerve easily. Although injected with an anesthetic, you can still feel utterly uncomfortable inside your jaw.

Luckily, the pain will alleviate after the nerve’s removal, and he will fill your tooth back up.

However, the worst does not only come from dental work.

Before you go to the clinic, you must struggle with intermittent agony whenever touching or making contact with the hurt tooth.

What Are The Experiences That Hurt More Than Giving Birth?

is tooth pain worse than giving birth

Below is a list of pains rendered by various diseases and health problems worth your consideration.

Remember that each has their own reactions to pains, so the following issues may not necessarily induce more excruciating pains than childbirth.

Broken Bones

Breaking bones is one of the worst sufferings on this earth. Many people nearly faint after undergoing extreme hurt from a compound fracture of the femur.

Even though you have experienced a complete treatment, and your bones seem to knit, you may sometimes feel a terrible ache whenever the season comes. Very annoying!

Certain Headaches

Headaches have many forms, but the most serious one is migraine. This throbbing headache makes you feel very sick and even have difficulty seeing.

Everything is covered in the dark if it turns worse.

Some distinct symptoms include vomiting, visual disturbances, nausea, and light sensitivity.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are commonly rendered by drinking too little water, obesity, eating too much salty food, or weight loss surgery.

A few stones do not wreak much havoc and cause minor types of pain.

Yet, if they form in multitudes, your kidney will be severely damaged and nearly torn apart, followed by an unbearable hurt.


Gallstones are also some solid stones forming inside your body, but they are mostly in the gallbladder and have repercussions for its functions.

When the problem of gallstones is out of control, you will be attacked by some periods of chronic pain. Nausea, back pain, and fever are common signs of this ailment.

Bladder Infections And Urinary Tract Infections

Bladder infections, along with urinary tract infections, trigger pain through their symptoms, such as fever, burning, back pain, or lower abdomen hurt.

Their causes are diverse, ranging from an excessive frequency of having sex, pregnancy surgery, and an enlarged prostate to some conditions that block the urinary tract.


Surgery is obviously hurtful, as it involves the cutting or moving of your body’s internal structures, namely muscles, organs, kidneys, etc.

Although you are injected with an anesthetic, you can still feel pain after the surgery, and it goes bad sometimes.

Induced Labor

Is labor more painful when induced? The answer is no, as you don’t need to use much force during childbirth, yet induced labor can leave suffering incisions forever.

That’s why natural childbirth is highly recommended by many experts.

Perianal Abscess

Perianal abscess is attributed to a pus-filled growth in the bum. When it becomes larger, like a decent fruit seed, it will turn into a nightmare, leaving you in absolute agony.

Serious Burns

You may not feel much hurt after getting burns if they are minor.

But the post-burn care process is very grueling, as it requires frequent antiseptic, skin grafting, wound debridements, and skin stretching.

I’m sure that you will cry in pain after each care.

What Causes Pain During Labor?

What Are The Experiences That Hurt More Than Giving Birth

You should pay close attention to the following main culprits behind your labor pain.

Sample Contractions

When you are going to enter labor, a tightness will start to develop, shown by an uncomfortable burning sensation that lasts about thirty seconds.

The Role Of Your Mind

Psychological factors could affect your feelings about the pain or the so-called fear of pain. If you are always scared and not mentally prepared yet, the pain level in labor could increase.

Professional experts worldwide regard this phenomenon as a “Fear – Tension – Pain” cycle.

Birthing Position

Some birthing positions, such as lying on your back, are more likely to bring discomfort.

Squatting, standing, or keeping your body vertically puts more pressure on your cervical opening and allows your baby to pass.

Fetal Position

The most comfortable position for mothers is the baby’s heading down and facing the back. However, you may feel more pain during the contraction if it faces your belly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should You Do To Alleviate The Pain Of Childbirth?

There is no doubt that labor is painful. It is important to prepare mentally. Don’t be tense, and breathe deeply to calm down.

Then, you should ask for your family members’ help and reach the hospital as soon as possible. 

If the pain is too excruciating, take pain medications or other pain relief options that your doctor has prescribed.

What Can You Do After Giving Birth?

The top priority is watching your baby and enjoying the happiest moment in your life. After that, it’s time you relax and sleep to charge your batteries because one labor is very tiring.

Show more concern for yourself by eating more nutritional foods and drinking enough water.

The Bottom Line

This post has unraveled the mystery surrounding a question: Is a toothache worse than labor pains?

This depends on each person’s reactions and feelings about the pain, so don’t worry too much.

Appreciate your genuine support of the website, and I hope to see you in the next article.

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