How To Prevent Labor Before Due Date? 10 Awesome Tips

The threat of premature labor is apparent to any mother, and it could greatly jeopardize their babies’ health if not prevented properly. So how to prevent labor before due date?

The following preventative measures could help solve your worry about preterm parturition.

To make all mothers more aware of this problem, this article also presents further information about the causes and signs of premature labor. Stay tuned!

What Are The Causes Of Preterm Labor?

how to prevent labor before due date

You should pay close attention to several culprits behind your too-early childbirth.

  • Smoking or eating too much fast food is one of the most common factors affecting the development of a fetus.
  • Health diseases, like obesity or uterine ruptures before pregnancy, could lead to other related risks, notably diabetes.
  • You give birth too early or too late. That means you are just in the teenage phase, not ready for the parturition, or you are older than 40 years old.
  • Strong movements during labor are another noticeable cause that you must notice closely. Another scenario is that your stomach is heavily impacted by a strong force in the later phase of pregnancy.
  • Drink alcohol or other unsuitable beverages during pregnancy.
  • Use street drugs that are legally banned.
  • Some background diseases, like preeclampsia, blood clotting disorders, infections, or high blood pressure, should be noted.
  • Being pregnant with a baby that has inborn defects.
  • Your fetus is formed with the help of IVF (In vitro fertilization).

What Are The Signs Of Premature Labor?

Below are various symptoms of preterm births that you should know to undertake preventive measures. Keep in mind that sometimes, labor can start and then stop out of a sudden.

  • You might experience excruciating back pain, especially in the lower back position. The pain does not alleviate even after you change positions.
  • Contractions increase in intensity and pace every 10 minutes.
  • The phenomenon of cramping in your lower abdomen appears without any external factors.
  • There is lots of amniotic fluid that leaks from your vagina.
  • You can undergo a series of flu signs, like vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea. Please don’t ignore them and consult your health care provider’s advice instantly.
  • You feel increasing pressures that burden your vagina and pelvis.
  • You see some light vaginal bleeding on the clothing.

How To Prevent Labor Before Due Date?

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To prevent premature babies, planning your pregnancies carefully, lead a healthy life (no smoking, no alcohol, no drug), and keeping your body fit would be best.

Besides, keep an eye on your background diseases.

Several preventative tips below are worth your consideration.

Plan Your Pregnancies And Space Them At Least 18 Months Apart

How to avoid getting birth early? If you plan to give birth twice, you must ensure that the duration between two parturition times should be at least 18 months.

This is the minimum phase for your whole body to recover from the first induction of labor.

Use An Effective Contraception As Soon As You Give Birth

It would be best to undertake the second tip together with the first one. Contraception involves using various methods to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant.

Most people use the implant or IUD, yet it is advisable to call your obstetrician for advice and an overall check-up.

Consult Your Health Care Provider’s Advice

If you notice signs of giving birth, like feeling some contractions, you must go to the hospital and call your healthcare provider immediately.

They will undertake a series of examinations and assess your health conditions.

Stay or Get To A Healthy Weight

As mentioned earlier, obesity or being underweight are two primary contributors to premature parturition.

And to avert this risk at all costs, you must control your weight properly by exercising regularly or having a nutritional diet.

Don’t Smoke And Avoid Using Unhealthy Substances

Smoking heightens the odds of having a preemie. And the more you smoke, the higher your odds are.

 Besides giving birth to preterm babies, your health is negatively damaged by toxic components within a cigarette, which wreaks havoc on the fetus’ growth as well.

Using unhealthy products, including prescription pain medication, drugs, cocaine, or methamphetamine, also increases the risk of premature childbirth due to several medical risk factors, eventually resulting in infant death.

Take Care Of Chronic Diseases

Some chronic diseases, like diabetes, autoimmune ailments, and high blood pressure, cannot be avoided.

They will likely render fetal malformations or congenital disorders, so it would be best to alleviate them under the strict supervision of doctors and yourself.

Take Close Notice Of Your Health When Taking A Fertility Treatment

If you cannot give vaginal birth naturally, you may rely on fertility treatment with the assistance of technological advances.

However, there could be some related threats, one of which is bearing a preemie.

That’s why you must examine your health before deciding whether to take this treatment.

Get A Personal Risk Assessment From A Specialist

Before getting into the induction of labor, you should be clear about its signs and take a risk assessment and intensive care unit from a maternal-fetal medicine physician.

They will use some tools and expertise to figure out any abnormal signs of the body and your baby’s development and prevent premature birth.

See Your Doctor Early And Regularly During Your Pregnancy

How to avoid early birth? It is recommended to see your doctor about once or twice monthly to know whether the fetus grows normally and receives prenatal care.

The pregnancy period is the time you always feel tired and mentally unstable, so seeing your doctor frequently to share your worry is a good way to alleviate the burden on your mind.

Take A Multivitamin With Folic Acid

Besides a healthy diet, you must regularly absorb nutrition from multivitamin products.

Experts suggest that every pregnant woman should take folic acid, and its supplementation helps avert certain congenital disabilities of your baby in the long run.

The Bottom Line

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Hopefully, this article equips you with enough knowledge and experience on how to prevent labor before due date.

You should be clear about several causes and symptoms of premature birth before undertaking proper measures.

And if you have any questions about this problem, please send questions to the website, and I will try to solve your confusion with a new article. Thanks for reading!

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