How To Get Rid Of B Belly During Pregnancy? Excellent Tips

In fact, pregnant women easily catch the difference in the shape and size of their belly. Generally, the D-formed belly is the most common belly shape.

However, many women feel confused when their pregnant belly becomes convex like the letter B instead of being round like the letter D.

Is this an alarming health concern? How to get rid of B belly during pregnancy? This post can figure out for you some useful pieces of information.

What Is B Belly During Pregnancy?

The belly is divided into upper and lower halves due to a waistband across the middle. It is called B belly during pregnancy. Some might call it double belly.

The unwelcome appearance of this crease causes the abnormally convex abdomen, which somewhat affects the appearance and aesthetics when pregnant women dress.

It is a common belief that the pregnant belly only has the form of the letter D. Many expectant moms fear that the unusual belly shape signals fetal abnormalities.

However, please erase your worries immediately. We would like to emphasize that this is completely normal during pregnancy.

Pregnant women experience various belly shapes, and B belly is just one of them. A B-shaped baby bump does not affect or damage the fetus’s growth regarding the limbs or brain.

Or else, maybe your baby has a different lying pattern than usual.

What Causes B Shaped Belly Pregnant?

How To Get Rid Of B Belly During Pregnancy?

It is a fact that the B-shaped belly is a part of natural appearance occurring without any particular reason.

It slightly depends on the mother’s body form, baby size, and daily activities. Here are quite a few elements that can contribute to B-shaped bump pregnancy.

Your Body Size and Weight

B pregnant belly more easily forms in overweight women. Specifically, women with BMIs between 26 and 30 are the most likely to have a B baby bump during pregnancy.

Large belly size combined with the excess fat, especially in the lower abdomen, can lose the skin’s firmness, easily causing a convex state.

However, this metric is theoretically researched. It is not absolutely true for all overweight women.

In fact, women with excess weight often face other conditions, for example, stretch marks or a sagging belly.

We have some notes for this case. At IBM level 30, you are diagnosed with obesity. As you know, an obese pregnant mother and her unborn baby can face many serious health risks.

With this indicator, you should focus on rebuilding the right diet and lifestyle to lose weight.

Oversized Fetus

The size and weight of the fetus also partly affect the pregnant belly shape. The heavier the baby, the more likely a B belly is to occur.

Besides size, the baby’s lying posture is big cause of B belly. For the typical D-shaped belly, the baby lies on his back out, creating a rounded curve for the baby bump.

In the b-shaped pregnant belly, the baby lies in opposite directions. They extend their arms and legs outward and let their backs face inward, forming an undulation in the mothers’ abdomen shape.

The Impact of The Previous Pregnancy

A woman’s body after the first pregnancy possibly undergoes many transformations. Looser abdominal muscles are the most typical and common sign.

Is your current baby bump close to the previous pregnancy? Your body may not have enough time to recover, hence the B-belly shape.

Unbalanced Lifestyle

Your body becomes much more sensitive when you are pregnant. That’s why any daily physical activity can affect it.

Perhaps you don’t know that the belly shape is formed by connective tissue located underneath your skin. Your living style, in one way or another, affects these tissues.

Are you following a deficient or unbalanced diet (excess protein, starch, or lack of vitamins and fiber)?

Is your mind withstanding lots of stress? If that is the case, you can know why your baby bump is B shaped.

Unusual Body Shape

Based on your inherent body shape, specifically the natural apron belly, the B-belly will form during the pregnancy period.

Apron belly takes place when excess fat accumulates, covers your intestines, and makes your belly sag.

Or else, if your body fat is more concentrated in the abdomen than in the hips and thighs, it is also easy to cause love handles, contributing to the double belly formation.

How To Get Rid Of B Belly During Pregnancy?

How to avoid B belly pregnancy? You can not keep the B-belly at bay because it is a part of the natural baby bump growth process.

However, we have good news for you. You can refer to these upcoming ideas to reduce weight, thereby minimizing the B-shaped pregnant belly.

Light Cardio And Yoga

Light Cardio And Yoga
Light Cardio And Yoga

Exercise plays a key role during pregnancy. In particular, yoga not only helps strengthen the muscles of the thighs, back or shoulders but also gives you positivity and relaxation in the soul.

Exercise also helps eliminate pain in pregnancy and stimulates the body’s flexibility or abdominal strength when laboring later.

As your baby bump grows bigger and your back has to endure increasing weight, there are many exercises to strengthen your back.

Please don’t emphasize losing a lot of weight and choose strenuous exercises because it contains additional pregnancy risks.

Heavy and intensive training that is not performed properly will come with adverse effects, significantly inpairing the fetus.

Currently, there are many tutorial videos about light exercises for pregnant women on Youtube. You can refer to and try to practice.

Or else, it’s viable to hire a personal fitness teacher for more specific advice if you have financial conditions.

Build A Balanced Diet And Lifestyle (Both Physical And Mental)

Build A Balanced Diet And Lifestyle
Build A Balanced Diet And Lifestyle

The second way is to improve fascial health – or the connective tissue mentioned above. Understanding the causes of fascial health deterioration, you can easily avoid or tackle it.

Let’s build a complete and balanced diet between substances. Surplus starch is the biggest cause of additional fat.

Therefore, you can give a little more preference to vegetables to improve your skin, stay fit, and prevent diseases during pregnancy.

Feel free to eat seafood but cut down the intake of mercury-packed species like octopus.

Also, you will not want to ignore your mental health. Don’t let stress lead you to negative thoughts.

Prioritize your baby above all else. Keep your mind relaxed in the simplest ways, like sleeping well or doing yoga.

What To Do If A Pregnant Faces B-belly?

Stay Healthy And Optimistic

Don’t be disappointed by your undulating belly. Now, you understand that your fetus can grow healthy regardless of belly shape.

Please keep your mind up if you don’t want the crease to become deeper. This way, you are simultaneously improving your fascial health.

Choose Supportive Clothes

The physical appearance is also another concern of a B-shaped pregnant belly. Some mothers feel shy when their unrounded belly shows up behind their clothes.

Do not worry because there are several styles of maternity clothes for pregnant women today. Let’s pick some supportive ones. If you are not confident with tight clothes, you can prioritize oversized items.

An oversized dress with thick fabric is on the top of the list because it can conceal most body defects.

Leggings with outstanding stretch properties combined with baggy T-shirts are also an idea worth considering. This set can both embrace and cover your undulating belly.

Besides, loose clothing can facilitate the pregnant body in walking or daily living.

Add More Fruit In The Diet

Fruit is an indispensable food on the menu of any pregnant body, especially for oversized women. You can add bananas, apples, avocados, or kiwis to your daily diet.

Eating fruit before each meal helps you lose weight healthily, reducing B-belly.

If you don’t like eating fresh fruit, you can also spend a little effort making the salad. Fruit salad can improve loss of appetite very effectively.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

We highly recommend you reinforce your skin, especially abdominal skin and muscles, by keeping yourself hydrated. Drinking water is the safest way to detox the body naturally.

Alternatively, you can seek out new flavors by drinking fruit juices or detox formulas. This way, you are getting 3 benefits at once: full water provisions, vitamins complement, and body shape improvement.


We believe you have found the answer to the difficult question of how to get rid of B belly during pregnancy.

In sum, the B-belly is actually one of several pregnant belly styles. It rarely signals birth defects or affects the baby’s development.

However, suppose you detect abnormal signs in your body (strained abdomen, abdominal pain, or deeper crease over time).

In that case, you can consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis of additional health concerns.

Pregnant women should always care for themselves by eating well and balancing between work and rest time.

Importantly, minimize stress as much effort as possible.

This way, the baby can be born safe and healthy.

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