How Long After Pedicure Did Labor Start? Is It Safe?

Near the due date, many mothers want to care for their beauty by heading to a nail salon. So how long after pedicure did labor start?

This wonder is a concern to many pregnant women. And if you are also in the same boat, this article will offer a satisfying answer. Keep scrolling down for further information!

Can A Pedicure Induce Labor?

how long after pedicure did labor start


Some believe the firm pressure generated during the message and nail-making could induce contractions.

Yet, no reliable proof supports the assumption that a pedicure can be conducive to labor.

However, based on anecdotal evidence, many pregnant women feel slight baby shakes and labor contractions after a pedicure, particularly when they are due.

Maybe, when manicurists take care of your nails and toenails, they sometimes use force to press.

This can facilitate blood circulation if they properly inject some acupoints, creating good conditions for active labor.

How Long After Pedicure Did Labor Start?

There is no exact answer to this matter because no direct links between labor and pedicures are clear.

According to the ACOG, there seems no convincing proof explaining that a pedicure could trigger labor in a healthy pregnancy.

But a pedicure still supports the labor process in a difficult way to explain and understand.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden concluded that foot massages help diminish the need for labor induction and augmentation.

A study by the University of North Carolina found that pregnant women receiving pedicures had experienced a shorter gestation period.

Despite no concrete evidence, you can regard a pedicure as a good opportunity for moms-to-be who want to go into natural labor.

Are Pedicures Safe During Pregnancy?

do pedicures induce labor

Totally yes.

But you must place the pedicure’s hygiene as a top priority if you don’t want to be infected. Here are some important notes you should pay attention to.

  • Make sure that the nail salon has sterile instruments.

If the equipment used in a pedicure is dirty and contaminated, you will get fungal infections.

That wreaks great havoc on your health, especially the baby’s well-being.

  • Check the sterilizing process carefully. If devices are not cleaned and disinfected sufficiently and properly, they can cause swollen feet.
  • Take notice of the products that the salon uses in a pedicure.

If they are fake and bad-quality, your general health can be negatively affected. Remember to use some items that are safe for use during pregnancy.

  • Suppose you get broken skin due to scratches, peeling skin, or open wounds. In this case, you are not advised to go to the salon because you are more susceptible to the risk of infection.

What Are The Precautions A Pregnant Woman Should Take Before Doing Pedicure At A Salon?

Here are four essential tips you must remember when reaching a salon for your nail care.

Check The Salon’s Record Of Health Inspection

The health inspection record is a perfect criterion for assessing whether the salon adapts full requirements about hygienic conditions and customer services.

That’s why it is advisable for you to look at the inspection record of a targeted salon first before trusting it.

This helps you stay away from risky practices, shady businesses, and other dangerous things.

Besides the record, you can glance at the comments on Google about this business. Customer reviews are indeed a reliable source!

Go To A Well-Ventilated Salon

If you enter a poorly ventilated salon, you will immediately notice the smell of strong chemicals in pedicure products and beauty treatments, such as nail polish, acetone, hair treatments, or lotions.

The odor is uncomfortable and even harmful to your health and the fetus’s development if inhaled for extra time. Ensure that the salon is well-ventilated with many open windows.

If you have no choice, remember to wear masks when visiting these places, and you can tell the nail technician to put masks on during working to keep your baby safe.

Check The Draining Water

Hot water is not good for pregnant women because it harbors germs and bacteria, resulting in skin lesions and discolorations.

Soaking your feet in warm baths can entail many issues, such as vessel dilation, hyperthermia, along with dehydration.

Drinking a glass of water during the message helps mitigate these side effects.

Bring Your Nail Clippers And Nail Files

Some people consider this practice unnecessary, but it is still recommended to take preventative measures before it is too late.

Equipment in many salons is improperly sterilized, so the onset of infections is unavoidable. Hence, bringing your own pedicure devices protects you and your little one greatly.

Why Is A Pedicure Great During Pregnancy?

pedicure to induce labor

Given a lack of strong proof, a pedicure can aid your labor to some extent by reducing the potential risk of premature labor or shortening the gestation period.

Besides, a pedicure also meets the beauty want of every woman, regardless of whether she gets pregnant or not.

A pregnant woman also takes this chance to release stress and recharge her batteries before entering active labor that consumes lots of calories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reflexology Induce Labor?


No scientific evidence about the impact of massage during pregnancy has been introduced.

But many people believe that reflexology triggering pressure points throughout a woman’s body helps fasten the gestation phase, thereby throwing her into labor more quickly.

How Does Pregnancy Affect The Skin?

When you are pregnant, your body will release more blood volume to provide enough blood for the growing baby.

That induces your sebaceous glands to release more oil, leaving your skin more prone to breakouts.

I have passed the second baby pregnancy period, and my whole body, especially skin has been nearly devastated during this time.

The appearance of acne and other dermatological diseases, like keratosis pilaris, really strips off my self-confidence.

The Bottom Line

How long after pedicure did labor start? After contemplating this post, you can confidently walk into a nail salon knowing that this session won’t harm you and your dearest.

Warnings about the salon and nail-caring tips hope to help you prepare better.

Thank you for your genuine support, and have a nice day!

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