Feeling Distant From Husband During Pregnancy – 5 Common Reasons

Feeling distant from husband during pregnancy is a common condition in expectant women. They feel that their spouses no longer love them as before. Why is that so?

Is feeling distant during pregnancy normal? Is there any way to improve the relationship between husband and wife during pregnancy?

Let’s follow us to find out the answer.

5 Reasons Of Feeling Distant From Husband During Pregnancy

Feeling Distant From Husband During Pregnancy

Emotional turmoil and self-deprecation are the two main causes of separation between spouses.

Moreover, the lack of support and understanding from the husband, financial problems, and interference from family also makes married life more boring when the wife is pregnant.

Emotional Turmoil

Emotional disorders, or postpartum depression (or during pregnancy), stem from the changes in hormones in the pregnant woman’s body.

These pregnancy hormones will make the mother more sensitive. Their thoughts will be more complex and switch quickly from positive to negative and vice versa.

Even small problems can bother them, burying them in negative thoughts for a long time and causing many diseases.

Poor mental health conditions make them no longer take care of their husbands as before. It will make their connection during pregnancy fade away.

Self-Deprecation Due To Physical Changes

Why do I feel disconnected from my husband while pregnant? Pregnancy will make mothers’ bodies not as slim as before. It makes them less confident and uncomfortable.

They fear that their spouses will no longer love them as they did. Several thoughts like their husband having an affair get in their heads day by day.

It makes them suspicious of their men and says things that drive them annoyed.

Controversy is also derived from those things. With a period of more than 9 months, your partner  sometimes cannot bear your mood swings, and he will become alienated.

Lack Of Support And Understanding From Husband

The husband’s indifference is the next reason why the couple’s feelings are increasingly blurred. They don’t understand the wife’s feelings and difficulties during pregnancy.

Many men think that gestation is not tiring that much because women don’t need to do much work.

However, this is a very difficult time as the wife has to go through many morning sicknesses, cramps, and stress leading to neurological diseases, etc.

Insensitive husbands will lead the couple’s relationship to gradually fall into a deadlock.

Financial Problems

Feeling disconnected from husband during pregnancy also originates from financial problems. There is a fact that expectant moms will stay at home to take care of their babies and be off from work.

It means that the whole financial burden has shifted to the man. Though the man may be the breadwinner before, the woman, when not yet pregnant, still supports her husband somehow.

Now, they have to work all night to make ends meet, making them physically tired and not having time to take care of their wives.

As a result, the gap between husband and wife will increase in this challenging time.

Pressure on payments such as electricity, gas, food, etc., and hundreds of other expenses are on the shoulders of the breadwinner.

The wife’s anxiety and the busy pace of the husband’s work make the couple’s love no longer as passionate as they’ve had.

Interference From Family

Pressure and interference from the families of both sides also cause conflicts between the spouses. Parents of two families might give them excessive care, making them uncomfortable.

Oftentimes, pregnant women’s eating, living, and sleeping habits are also controlled by them. It makes the mom-to-be feel that she has lost her private space.

The common solution is that they often ask for their husbands’ advice. However, this is not always successful, and the wife may endure more pressure.

How To Stay Connected With Your Husband?

How To Stay Connected With Your Husband?

Share Your Feelings With Your Husband

Instead of always being silent and thinking to find a solution alone, the wife should confess her problems so that both husband and wife can solve them together.

When they feel uncomfortable, they can describe the pain to their husbands instead of being quiet and enduring the agony alone.

Besides, keeping negative thoughts will damage their health and negatively impact the unborn baby.

Stress triggers sleep disturbances, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate, excessive fear, and social shyness.

Thus, sharing your husband’s concerns will help you understand each other and solve problems.

Plan Ahead

It’s important to plan ahead for what’s needed during pregnancy. For example, the mother should practice yoga exercises to make the body firmer and more supple.

During pregnancy, your hips will widen rapidly. Therefore, these exercises will help your pelvis to be more open, making childbirth more convenient.

These pains can come anytime, even while the couple is sleeping. It will disturb your husband with insomnia and spend less time with you.

Preparation in advance will help limit these problems and make it less difficult for you two when you are on the family way.

Involve Your Husband In Your Decision Making

Before making any decisions, especially about their upcoming baby, you should let your husband know. A dad-to-be wants to be involved in all the parenting processes.

From naming their children to seeing their babies born, all bring happiness to them, even though they don’t often show their emotions.

Also, asking for their husband’s opinion makes them feel respected. The bond between husband and wife is also stronger.

Your plans when receiving the support of your husband can also go more smoothly. You will have faith and firm support for your decisions.

Celebrate All Amazing Things

The next way to maintain and spice up your affection is to compliment your husband when he does anything for you. Praise him when cravings come, and he still buys food for you anytime.

These supports are sometimes small, but it helps you a lot during pregnancy.

Forgive your husband because they are the family’s breadwinner while you are pregnant, and they have to do many other things.

Also, let him know the good points that make him a perfect father in the future children’s eyes.

You can also create small surprises for your partner or celebrate your pregnancy. These beautiful moments will strengthen the healthy relationship between husband and wife.

Take Time For Yourself

Spending time for what you enjoy is the best medicine for your body and your mood during pregnancy.

People around you always force you to do several things for the sake of the fetus, making you forget that you also have your hobbies and spaces.

Prepare for what it takes to be a mother, but don’t force yourself into it. You can freely eat and choose clothes to wear as long as you feel comfortable and do not affect the baby.

Being alone helps you relax, energize, and dispel any negative emotions. Your husband also wants to see the positive side of his wife more. It helps to strengthen your bond.


Is It Normal To Not Like Your Husband While Pregnant?

It is completely normal not to like your husband while pregnant. It often occurs when an expectant woman has to endure persistent physical and emotional trauma without getting help from her husband.

For example, the wife has to suffer from the pain from the waist to the abdomen alone.

Sometimes, they have to change positions continuously during the night, but their husbands are uncomfortable due to loss of sleep. This has created hate, discomfort, and self-pity in the mother.

It is even more annoying when the husband does not support his wife in doing small things when she is pregnant. They often excuse being busy to refuse requests from their wives.

How A Husband Should Treat His Wife During Pregnancy?

There are many ways a husband can assist and encourage his wife during pregnancy. They can massage to relieve cramping pain from the wife’s lower back or help their wives with heavy chores.

More thoughtful, they can find out in advance the problems their wives may encounter during pregnancy, such as morning sickness and food cravings, and find ways to help her.

Husbands can take their wives to the doctor or go to the chiropractic regularly for massages because pregnancy will make them more prone to cramps.

Be gentle with your wife as she is susceptible to emotional disturbances during pregnancy. Don’t get angry or upset her since what they’re going through is more miserable.

You can try to ignore your wife’s irrational arguments and try to comfort her when her emotions are not stable.

Always encourage and support your pregnant wives to overcome the difficulties and welcome a newborn being. Besides, the husband should also prepare to be a father.

Why Are Husbands Not Affectionate During Pregnancy?

The husband also avoids excessively hugging, touching, or having a sexual relationship with his wife for fear of harming the unborn child.

They don’t want their wives to feel that their husbands are out of control. Thoughts like will I become a good father, or am I ready to face future difficulties always occupy their mind.

They are less intimate to their wives sometimes just because they want to prove they are independent and in control of themselves.


Feeling distant from husband during pregnancy is mainly due to emotional disturbances and physical changes that make a woman confident. Money and family issues also concern the spouses.

Both need to know how to take care of and spend time together to maintain their married life during this sensitive period.

We hope you’ve had a good time reading our article. See you in the next ones.

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