2 Year Old Toenails Curling – The Facts Behind

Your 2 year old toenails curling is causing him discomfort and even pain at some time. You can’t just watch your baby suffer from this condition and do nothing.

Thus, you’ve been finding ways to bring away his pain. Please read this article to know what your child is having and how to treat and prevent it in the long term.

What Are The Types Of Toenails Curling?

2 Year Old Toenails Curling
Toenails Curling

Nails Curling Up, Down, At The Sides, And Outwards

If the toddlers toenails curl up, he could struggle with an infection or an injury’s aftermath.

However, if you have a family history of this type of nail shape, this is just a genetics thing.

Things are a little bit different for a downward curved toenails child. That might indicate inner growth or pincer nails.

Fortunately, these two issues are pretty easy to deal with. You can also put an end to this situation simply by nail cutting.

When he has outward curved toenails, chances are they have thickened because of infections.

If this is the case, you’ll be able to detect earlier symptoms like stink smells and brittle nails. Then the nails will thicken, discolor and begin to curve outwards.

Luckily, there are many remedies for this that you can try at home without having to seek help from a healthcare provider.

However, once his pain gets worse, you must take him to see the foot doctor.

Ingrown Toenails

Inner growth is a condition where part of the nail border grows into soft skin. It can cause pain, inflammation, swelling, and sometimes ingrown toenail infections.

Kids with this condition will be under constant discomfort, causing them to fuss and cry with mom more.

Normally, you can deal with this at home. But once the fungal infections continue to spread and hurt your child, let the healthcare provider help him.

Why Are 2 Year Old Toenails Curling?

Many factors can result in 2 years old toenails curling, which includes family history factors and external factors like foot trauma, tight shoes or poor hygiene, and nail maintenance.

No matter what the causes are, finding out the culprit of your baby’s condition is still half the treating journey.

Foot Trauma

One of the most popular reasons behind this condition is that your baby has damaged his nail matrix.

Maybe your kid has stripped his foot on some stones or hard objects, leading to the baby’s toenails breaking.

Frequent foot injuries will make toenails in children grow differently, in the wrong direction, or achieving an abnormal shape.

This also explains why the big toe is always prone to inner growth, as when the foot collides with something, the big toe makes the first contact with the strongest force out of the five ones.

Tight Shoes

When you get your baby shoes that are tighter than the size of his foot, his toes will have to squeeze together to fit inside such a small space.

Should this situation continue for a long time, his nails will be under constant pressure and start to curve inward.

Therefore, you should pick out the right shoes for your baby. We recommend you buy roomy shoes for him.

It is especially hard to choose these items for babies, as they outgrow very fast. Guesswork or predetermined sizes won’t work; you have to take your baby to the store to try the shoes on or have his foot size with you.

Lastly, don’t just focus on the shoe’s length. If their width is not enough, your kid’s foot still suffers while having them on, and the baby toenail problems still torture his feet.

Small Toes

The problem with small toes is that they don’t provide enough space for the nails to grow. The result will be toddler toenails growing weird or inner growth.

Poor Hygiene

Issues at this part of the feet are often seen in clammy, sweaty, and dirty ones without regular cleaning.

Feet are the ideal environment for bacteria to grow; thus, you need to clean your child’s feet every day, find out the culprit behind the skin on his toe and feet shredding, remove dead skin with a pumice stone, and trim his nails regularly as well.

Following this rule also keeps a bad infection at bay.

As bacteria easily transfer from feet to feet, you need to ensure that your baby doesn’t put on the wrong footgear and shoes in public.

Improper Cutting

During nail cutting, we have the habit of doing it along the nail edge, which is not the best choice here.

That will make the baby toenails curl up, causing the nail edge to dig into the skin.

It would be better if you did it straightly. Plus, don’t cut your kid’s nails too short, as there will be no protective fence for the nail bed.

How To Cut A Curve Toenail?



This condition requires specific tools to get the wanted results. You’d better prepare toenail clippers, not a finger clipper.

The former has a sharp curved blade to deal with ingrown nails or thick nails.

You should also check that the nail clippers are sharp enough, as you won’t want to push and pull the toes with a dull blade.



Soak your baby’s feet in warm water for about ten minutes. This will make the nail plate softer and easier to cut. Next, dry his feet thoroughly, and they’re ready for nail cutting.

Trim The Nails

Trim The Nails
Trim The Nails

As mentioned above, cut his nail as straight as possible so it’s both good-looking and safe for him. You should stick to small clips so that you can adjust the shape of the nails.



Use a nail file to smooth the jagged edge so that the kid won’t get hurt whenever he touches his feet.


When To Trim My Newborn’s Toenails?

The baby can be born with long nails on the toes, and you should clip them immediately. After that, the frequency of doing this is from once or twice a month.

What Is A Pincer Nail?

This condition makes the toenail curl or has lateral edges that seem to slope toward one another as the free edge grows.

What Are Other Additional Nail Conditions?

Other than the issues above, your kids could encounter the following nail disorders: Brittle nail disorder, toenail malalignment, Parrot Beak nail, or Koilonychia.


Every mother wants their kid to be born healthy and lovely; thus, the appearance of 2 year old toenails curling is always an unpleasant sight.

This article will reveal what’s going on and provide instructions to give the child back his perfect-looking cute little feet.

We hope you find it helpful.

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