What To Do If Your Girlfriend Is Pregnant – Don’t Fret

Sexual health topics have always been hot potatoes. You are on cloud nine with a romantic relationship with your sweet girlfriend.

However, have you ever thought of what to do if your girlfriend is pregnant suddenly?

You will be confused when you do not intend to get married at this moment. Your target plans for a brilliant future can be postponed.

It can be worse in case both of you are still adolescents, negatively affecting your education and career later. Psychological and behavioral preparation is necessary.

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Is Pregnant?

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Is Pregnant

What to do if my girlfriend is pregnant? Keeping a clear and calm mind is at the top of the list. That way, you can make a thorough conversation and decide with certainty.

If Your Girlfriend Is Still Adolescent

My girlfriend is pregnant what should I do? This question is mostly asked by adolescents who made sexual mistakes accidentally.

Calmly taking these steps below will help you finalize your decision without regret later on.

Keep Calm and Take The God-Given Responsibility

The first and foremost advice is to keep calm. Thousands of situations have been recorded in which suspicious and grumpy boys deny their responsibilities immediately.

That expression results from the panic in his heart. Your uncontrollability of emotion easily pushes your girlfriend into a desperate situation.

They will be more likely to think of pessimistic actions such as unsafe abortion or suicide.

Not admitting your baby means that you have lost a must-have image of a standard man. And we believe you don’t want to hurt your pregnant girlfriend in this way either.

Please become a supportive partner in this special condition.

Do A Pregnancy Check-Up With Your Girlfriend Again To Confirm The Fertility Levels

When your girlfriend gets pregnant, let’s share the burden by going to antenatal care with her. This can comfort and somehow ease your girlfriend’s inferiority complex.

The doctor will present and explain in detail your health condition and, importantly, fertility. You will forecast about the risks of childbirth or abortion at this age.

Regretfully, it can be seen as a dilemma in both ways. The girl’s body, especially reproductive function, is not fully yet developed at this age.

Therefore, a girlfriend during pregnancy may suffer from unpredictable health problems such as anemia, preeclampsia, or even bleeding and miscarriage in the last months.

Moreover, we have seen many cases where the mother is at risk of death during labor.

Or else, the child may also be born prematurely, malnourished, malformed, or have incomplete brain development.

Even though you guys make a safe abortion decision in hospitals, you can’t ignore the possibility of complications.

Hemorrhage, infection, and loss of motherhood are the three most feared jeopardies of this procedure.

The mind can also not avoid panic.

Your girlfriend can easily be prone to anxiety during pregnancy, emotional disorders, or, more dangerously, depression, a silent killer to many people, especially teenagers.

Tell Your Parents

You absolutely cannot hide this important thing from your family. Please hold a family meeting including the parents of both parties and fully present your status.

Adults having extensive experience with kids will provide you and your pregnant partner with a comprehensive view of raising a child from both psychological and economic perspectives.

You can keep the fetus and get married if your parents agree and can support the financial background in the early stages.

And when it is Ok to leave the baby with grandparents, you can continue to build your future.

Unfortunately, you should consider giving up the baby if you get objections, probably with your pregnant girlfriend’s consent.

In fact, a sustainable marriage is maintained by economic ability in addition to love.

Lack of life experience, financial property, and family support are 3 common causes of breakdown in teenage marriages. Raising a child costs more than anything.

 The pressure of economic responsibilities and providing your offspring with a full life can make you frustrated, bewildered, and regretful.

It leads to other consequences, typically domestic violence.

Think Of Your Sweetheart’s Future Goals

Along with health, the disruption of the learning path is another worrying threat. You possibly face the school drop-in temporarily.

Stepping back from your peers may prevent you from growth opportunities in the future.

You should not force your girlfriend to keep the pregnancy if she aims for goals like university and a career and enjoys life more.

And please respect and welcome your new family if she insists on giving birth to the baby.

If Your Girlfriend Is Adult

Your girlfriend accidentally shows symptoms of pregnancy that make you suspect: my girlfriend may be pregnant.

However, things are somewhat easier when both of you are adults. A mature pregnant partner has complete fertility.

 The two of you are also less influenced by your parents. And especially, both are creating your own assets by working independently.

Barriers are limited to only income and marriage intentions.

If you both have stable jobs and moderate incomes, you can plan for getting married and laboring.

The early stages of life can be a bit difficult; however, we believe it will be facilitated more quickly than that of adolescence.

Whatever your decision, you should prioritize a frank talk with each other. Should both of you be hesitant about getting married, please give reasonable and appropriate reasons.

You two can give up the baby with consensus and sympathy.

If you confirm it is the time for marriage, it will be better that both of you share the shortcomings in life routine. It will help to maintain married life more effectively.


Pregnancy Check Up

Wisely knowing what to do if your girlfriend is pregnant is not an easy thing. If you are facing a situation like the one above, follow the suggestions step-by-step.

We believe your girlfriend is just as panicked as you are.

Please comfort her feelings so that both of you can calm down and find the most smooth solution.

If you lose direction in finding proper solutions, you two may face depressing results. You are advised to apply common contraception, like condoms, birth control pills, etc., for safe and healthy sex.

This way, you can remain in the love relationship without damaging your health and future plans.

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