How To Clean Wood Stove Glass – The Easiest Way

After a hardworking fire to warm the atmosphere throughout winters, the wood burner steadily grows discolored over time.

The glass surface becomes blackened gradually, and it may be hard for you to observe everything inside. All the signal tells you that it is time to clean it!

So, how to clean wood stove glass properly? We have all the information you’ll need. Read on to get the knowledge.

What Causes The Blacken?

What Causes The Blacken

But first, like cleaning any stuff on your house, let’s take a look at the reason leading to all the blackened spots that make you have to find how to clean wood burning stove glass!

Various factors can cause the black dots, streaks, etc., on the door.


One of the most common causes is utilizing the incorrect fuel or inefficiently burning your fire.

Either of these actions can result in a lot of smoke, which can dirty the “winter friend” faster than when owners use the right fuel at the right temperature.

If it was spreaded out to other places, your home will look like an extremely dirty house.

Burning only dry seasoned timber or other low sulfur and smokeless coal options is the best way to keep the stove’s transparent surface clean.

Meanwhile, wet wood produces substantially more smoke than dry wood, resulting in more dirt accumulating on your stove’s transparent surface.

Conventional coal is also another major source of pollution, and that is why, like wet and processed timber, now there are regulations on what you may purchase for house coal.


To guarantee that the fire burns as cleanly as possible, use a thermometer to ensure running at one of the most effective temperatures.

If the fire is still not burning warm enough, this will eventually smolder away. As a result, the “winter friend” ‘s surface will blacken more quickly.

When Should You Start The Cleaning Process?

Unlike cleaning the carpet, which you must do regularly each month, you can choose the time to clean the wood stove freely.

However, spring seems to be a reasonable time to bring the log burner to its original appearance!

Why? Because the brighter light will help you observe your house better. You can find some darker sections of your homes that you may have neglected during the winter.

You may feel astonished at how murky your “winter friend” has gotten!

The second reason is that the frequency you use seems irregular at the time of the year.

Therefore, you may take advantage of the spotlessly clean transparent surface before putting another wood on and watching the wood burn away in front of your eyes longer.

How To Clean Wood Stove Glass

Let’s just get started on how to clean wood stove glass door to have a gleaming, shiny transparent surface!


But, before you begin, consider the following!

Firstly, it may seem obvious, but make sure that it has cooled completely before trying to clean the “winter friend”.

Several people believe that cleaning transparent surfaces that are slightly warm is easier, but it would be better if the transparent surface is absolutely cool.

Secondly, it is the taking out of the wood ashes process. From the stove’s bottom section, you can proceed to sweep out all the visible wood ashes and place them in a basin to utilize later in the next part of the cleaning procedure.

Finally, brush any loose debris away from the door, as well as the adjacent and surrounding area.

Wood Stove Ash + Piece Of Newspaper

Wood ashes and newspapers contribute to how to clean wood stove glass window. The method is considered the most worth trying regarding cleaning the stove’s door.

It requires a few old newspaper sheets, some stored wood ashes that you took out previously, some pieces of clothes, and a big soapy water cup (the warm one).

This approach is not recommended for coal ashes since some hard particles may remain in the blend, which can damage and shatter the transparent surface.

Here are the detailed steps:

  • Wipe the interior of your winter’s friend away with the magic combination of a soft cloth and soapy water. In case you apply a little elbow grease, you might have a chance to chop off the soot too!
  • Next, you squeeze the newspaper into balls.

The scrunched paper ball is a tool you’ll hold and use to clean the window. Dip the newspaper ball in the water to have a damp newspaper.

After that, you put it into the basin of ashes that you collected before! Then, you wipe the surface in circular movements with the newspaper ball soaked in the ash.

  • Carefully wash away the debris residue using a clean towel once you’re finished!


Regarding how to clean glass inside wood stove, many individuals swear by using newspaper balls and wood ash.

If you’re using a multi-fuel stove type, though, there still are some additional ingredients that you may test.

If you do not even bother employing chemicals, you might clean the glass with oven cleaner, some degreaser agent, or any household cleaning – the spray kind.

Just take the time to read the brand’s label to ensure it’s safe to apply to the glass. And do not forget to stay away from every cast iron piece or the sealed doors as the chemical could be damaged by water or chemicals.

Baking Soda

Similar to cleaning the burnt calphalon pans, you can also scrub the stove with a mixture of baking soda and water, which is a popular cleaning option for people who don’t prefer to use chemicals.

Allow the mixture to weave its magic in ten to fifteen mins if you have stubborn stains. Then, using a damp towel (newspaper can work well too), perform circular motions releasing the soot once more.

Once the worst part is gone, wipe away the residue with a clean towel to reveal gleaming glass.

If you choose the method, please note that you’ll have to do a bunch of rinsing. This mixture effectively removes stains, but the downside is that it is left with white residue that is difficult to remove later on.


The next simple solution for how to keep wood stove glass clean is vinegar. It’s something we all probably have in the kitchen cupboards.

You don’t have to produce a paste or mixture like a baking soda solution.

Dip the cloth/towel or a newspaper piece into the vinegar and clean the surface with circular hand movements.

The biggest benefit of vinegar is that it does not leave a bothersome white residue. So the following thing you need to do is scrub away any leftovers with a clean towel, and the gleaming winter’s friend is yours.

Damp Cloth

Cleaning the winter’s friend is indeed easier if you maintain regular cleaning and take your time to care about it.

If you keep using the wood burner without cleaning, the glass will eventually turn sooty, so you probably wouldn’t be able to see the warming flames.

To this point, a little elbow grease is no longer enough to get rid of the soot.

However, if the ashes are still minimal, a damp towel is a perfect choice. Everything you need to do is simply dip the towel in lukewarm water.

After that, use the towel to clean the stove with circular movements. To say goodbye to the soot, don’t forget to rinse the towel frequently.


Baking Soda

What is the best way to get creosote away from wood stove glass?

Creosote is the source of fireplace odors which is difficult to clean. You can clean it by using the methods described above. Start with ash plus water, and if it doesn’t work, try the dedicated cleaner.

How can I clean the glass on a tiny wood stove?

Apply the same method as you clean the regular one. Do check out all the recommendations we mentioned above!


Now you know how to clean wood stove glass.

We believe that using one of them at the right time will give you a squeaky clean glass surface!

However, never let your friend keep you warm all winter covered in dust, soot, and dirt for a long time! An object with regular care will last much longer than a forgotten one! 

Stay tuned for a lot more tips from us! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Thank you!

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